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Dunkeld Food


We adhere to the highest standards

At Dunkeld Food

We proudly adhere to the highest standards and practices in food quality. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we consistently strive to ensure that our products meet and exceed the most stringent quality benchmarks. From sourcing premium ingredients to implementing rigorous quality control measures, we prioritize the delivery of exceptional, high-quality food products to our valued customers. Your satisfaction and trust are paramount to us, and we remain dedicated to upholding the exceptional standards that define Dunkeld Food Fish Factory.

HACCP & ISO 22 000

HACCP is a proactive system for food safety, identifying and preventing hazards from production to distribution. ISO 22000 builds on HACCP principles, certifying organizations committed to ensuring safe food products.


Dunkeld Food ensures high-quality kosher products with our onsite Mashgiach overseeing compliance. Our certification process, denoted by a kosher symbol, guarantees adherence to dietary laws. Explore our Parev range for flexibility in meal planning for those who keep kosher.


Halaal certification ensures food compliance with Islamic dietary laws. The process, overseen by a Halaal certification body, involves reviewing facilities, ingredients, and production methods. Once certified, companies can display a Halaal symbol on their packaging, providing assurance to observant Muslims of adherence to Islamic dietary laws.

FDA Certification

FDA certification is vital for companies exporting, ensuring adherence to rigorous food safety standards. The “Certified” symbol on packaging signifies compliance, assuring consumers of product safety. Globally recognized, FDA certification is also sought by countries, including the Middle East, prioritizing high standards for imported food products. It’s a crucial step for companies ensuring their products meet strict FDA standards for international export.


EFSA, the EU’s independent scientific agency, safeguards food safety by assessing risks and providing transparent information. It supports decision-making and sets standards for food and feed businesses, ensuring compliance and empowering consumers with knowledge for informed choices.

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City of Cape Town Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises
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NRCS Certificate of Approval
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US FDA Registration
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Registration Certificate Exports
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Registration Certificate Import
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ISO 22000-2018 Certificate – Dunkeld Food (Pty) Ltd
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Kosher SA Certificate
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Dunkeld Food (Pty) Ltd – Halaal Confirmation
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